We are Madness


We’re a top-grossing leader in social casino mobile games,
entertaining millions of players around the world everyday.

Acquired by Aristocrat in 2012, we’ve risen to become a genre-leading
mobile games publisher, with successive stand-out games powered
by world-class teams, live ops and a growing number of development
studios in some of the most dynamic and
diverse digital talent hubs in the world.

We’re a borderless, global home where the best mobile games and
experiences are crafted by world class talent

A Global Powerhouse where the best games, experiences and talent are made

Madness for us, is motivation. To find that spark that pushes us to places unknown.

Madness for us, is a group of talented individuals, from across the globe, innovating, creating and collaborating to push all boundaries. We are Mad about games and the way they bring people together, and that passion and culture is what holds us together as a studio. 

We have the deepest respect for our people and their well being. We know they are exceptionally talented and will always have a choice. We want them to re-choose us every day. We are committed to building a culture where each person's voice will always be heard and addressed.

Always improving, innovating and never settling for the existing. We push all boundaries with courage and ambition to become the world’s best games company.

We excel at what we do but yet remain humble and helpful to our teammates. We champion one another and hold each other to high standards without any egos. ​​​​​​​
We are all Equal - regardless of the language we speak, where we live, our gender, religion or culture we come from. We want to build a global home, where everyone has the equal opportunity to make an impact.
We always think from the customer's perspective - be it players or internal customers. Improving their experience and joy is what drives us. Every client's success is our big win!


An Unstoppable Force